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Thursday, April 26, 2012

De-Mystifying Ménage

Please welcome guest blogger Louisa Bacio

If one lover is good, two has to be better, right?

Well, that’s the common myth at least. When it comes to writing ménage, all a writer needs to do is take a few willing participants and toss them into bed, right? What’s the mystery? Well, it better be a big bed.

Actually, quite a bit of planning can go into the plot structure. First, what’s the dynamics of the relationships? Is it a M/M/F threesome where the men interact with each other, or is it M/F/M where both men lavish all the attention on the woman?

Then there’s the physicality of the events. Sometimes, the carnal acts can end up feeling like a Cirque du Soleil act gone wild. The key is to keep it sexy and believable, and not make the reader say, “They’re doing what? How?”

Another must is the emotional connection. How many people have ever been in love with more than one person at a time? Seriously in love? (Raises hand for major lust: One was a bad boy musician who acted like he didn’t give a damn, and the other was the complete opposite: a church boy. Rarely, would both have the same personality.) Was it equal? If the writer favors one partner more than the other, then maybe the reader will question the outcome.

Final component: It’s gotta be hot. If you think about it, the ménage plays into some of the ultimate fantasies. Not many get to live the life of smokin’ hot sex with multiple hot partners.

As part of the course lessons, I’ve talked to a number of people, including authors who specialize in writing about multiple partners, editors and reviewers (those critics!).

Ready to break the myths of ménage?

Class Dates: May 14-June 10

How do you write a love scene between a vampire and a werewolf and make it believable? How about sliding a third lover into the common bed? De-Mystifying Ménage explores the titillating combinations of sex with multiple partners.

The course builds upon establishing basic chemistry between characters to developing realistic storylines to finally describing the acrobatic acts.

Come prepared to build up a sweat writing, and leave your shyness at the door.

Topics Include:

Week 1:
Lesson 1:  Why write ménage? What’s happening in the market, and what’s selling?
Lesson 2:  Setting up the triangle: Characterization/motivation and the psychological dynamics of a love triangle

Week 2:
Lesson 4: Let’s talk about Sex: Terminology & How hot do you want it?
             First look: Male/Female
Lesson 5: What’s fur got to do with it? Genre Setting and Genre Blurring
             Bringing in Paranormal Elements

Week 3:
Lesson 5: Bedroom Acrobatics: Writing a sex scene with three people
             Same-Sex Scenes
Lesson 6: Complications & Conflict

Week 4:
Lesson 7: The Ending: Happily Ever After with a Threesome
Lesson 8: The Publication Process: A look at Calls for Submission and the Query Letter

To register, visit http://my.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=230

Louisa Bacio writes paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. Bacio’s writing crosses genres, from the traditional m/f pairings to m/m/f in “The Vampire, The Witch & the Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome.” Her novel “Sex University: All-Girls Academy” features a f/f/f foray.

Bacio also teaches college courses in writing, and edits romance for several publishing houses. She’s also highly involved with her local chapter, OCC/RWA.  

Love Knows No Bounds – http://louisabacio.blogspot.com


Louisa Bacio said...

So excited about teaching this course. It should be a fun one!

Nancy Lee Badger said...

A great article, Louisa. Good luck with the class.

Louisa Bacio said...

Thanks Nancy. It should be a fun one!

Mary's Naughty Whispers said...

wished I was an author... sigh

have fun!!!