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Sunday, June 22, 2008

PRISM update

Since we are unable to make contact with the Prism coordinator, Victoria Stark, the board will be taking over the contest. We are hoping to be able to announce the winners by early September. We apologize for not being able to announce the winners at the Gathering, but due to the circumstances we've had to postpone the contest. If you entered the contest and have not contacted the us, please do so by June 30th. After that date, we will have to assume we have all the entries and will start sending them out to judges. Thanks to all who have offered support and encouragement.

Gathering Update

The finalists for the Prism contest will not be available by Nationals, so there will not be a Prism ceremony at the Gathering. Due to this change of events, the board has decided to hold a sit down dinner to help compensate for the cancellation of the Prism awards instead of the usual hors d'oeuvres. Please check out the new menu by following the Gathering link at the bottom of the FF&P home page. We will also have an agent & editor panel.

Deadline to register for the Gathering is Monday, July 7th.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FF&P Prism Contest Notice

*Permission to forward*

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have lost contact with our Prism contest coordinator, Victoria Stark. We have exhausted our resources (email, phone, snail mail, friends), and she has not responded back to us. If anyone has been in contact with her, please let her know the board is trying to get a hold of her and for her to please respond ASAP. The last we heard the contest was proceeding as expected and the entries were about to go to the judges. Unfortunately, we have no proof this happened. We have three volunteers willing to drive to NY to get the materials from her if she has failed to send them out, but we need her to respond before that can happen. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and plan to move forward with the contest if we can get the materials returned. In the future, we plan to utilize online resources to ensure one person is not responsible for the whole contest.

If you have entered the Prism contest, please email the following address with your name, email address, name of book(s) entered, and category entered: contest@romance-ffp.com.

Thank You,

FF&P Board

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is FF&P?

FF&P Authors on Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance:

Fantasy Romance: All the sweeping, inventive, complex world-building of genre forefathers/mothers such as Tolkein, McCaffrey and Le Guin but driven hard by complicated, delicious, dangerous and often magical love stories that compel heroes and heroines on epic journeys.

Leanna Renee Hieber

Futuristic Romance is Science Fiction Romance's intellectually light-weight little sister. It is STAR WARS with sex. It may be set in the future, which could be high tech, or post-apocalyptic and primitive; or on another parallel world where space travel or inter-dimensional travel is a reality. There can be space ships, hyperspace, robots... but no one wants to know about electro-magnetic propulsion systems, event horizons, and escape velocity.

Rowena Cherry

Paranormal romances are character driven love stories set against the backdrop of an alternate reality where magic, superhuman abilities, and nonhuman species are integral parts of the world in which the hero and heroine exist.

Alexis Morgan

Paranormal Romance is a work of fiction that uses the plot conventions of fantasy or horror and foregrounds a love story between the heroine and hero (or possibly some other character combination in terms of number and gender). The romance provides the structure of the story (e.g., the romantic conflict is solved last, after the external conflict). The central focus on the relationship between the principal characters distinguishes Paranormal Romance from a fantasy or horror novel with a romantic subplot.

Margaret L. Carter

Psychic Romance A story that explores the mysterious and dark territory of the mind, reaching beyond the physical and touching the emotions where they reside.

Eilis Flynn

Science Fiction Romance: Very basically, it's a novel set in a future or alternate and (often) higher-tech setting that fulfills the tenets of science fiction, and where a key conflict in the novel involves the intimate relationship of the main characters. I say basically because science fiction itself is so difficult to pin down (which is why some people use the term speculative fiction).

Linnea Sinclair -- in an interview at Sequential Tart.

Shapeshifter Romance—a story where at least one of the main human characters can shift into another form such as a wolf (werewolf), cat (were-cats), dragons (were-dragons), selkies (seal shifters), etc.

Terry Spear

Urban fantasy is set in a contemporary environment very much like the real world, except that magic and/or mythical creatures exist. It is frequently (but not always) told in the first person from a female point of view, and there is often a romantic plot or subplot. Despite the term "urban" fantasy, it is not necessarily set in a city.

Jenna Black

For more resources, see What is FF&P?

Dark Warrior Unleashed

Alexis Morgan is excited to announce the upcoming release of Dark Warrior Unleashed (The Talions, Book 1), the first book in her new Talions series from Pocket Star on July 29, 2008. She also has her first ever vampire story coming out in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance this August.