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Thursday, July 17, 2008

THE ZONE by Barbara Karmazin

The Zone by Barbara Karmazin to be released 07/18/08, at Changeling Press.

Captain Axel needs a med tech in order to stop the authorities on Luma from grounding and impounding his spaceship. When advertisements on the local net fail to secure any prospects, he and his men search the Zone for a new crewmate.

Pinned by the blaster fires of a drug war, Jeresa accepts the spacers’ offer of a job and the chance to escape off-planet from capture and enslavement.

To her surprise, the offer to join the crew includes sex with the four men who've rescued her. Escaping the blaster flames, she has jumped into the carnal fire of erotic love. Is her heart strong enough to survive the searing sexual attentions of four randy spacers?

cover art by Bryan Keller

ISBN (13): 978-1-60521-039-1

Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Bisexual and More

Length: Novella

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