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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Klutz Protecting the Laptop by Rebecca Zanetti

Hi all!  Our guest blogger today ran into a snag, so you're stuck with me.  I wrote a fun blog about being a klutz a while ago, and I thought I'd post it here today.  This one is for those of you who are a bit, um, clumsy.

A while back I sprained my ankle.  For the first time ever, and I have to say, it really hurt.  I had no clue.  Once my husband picked me up and tucked me into a chair with a pillow under my foot, he said something that really gave me pause.  After learning it was my first sprain, he scratched his head, and said, “That’s really surprising.  I mean, since you’re such a klutz.”

He said it thoughtfully, and I couldn’t take offense.  You know why?  It is really surprising because I am a klutz.  Nearly every pair of sweats, jeans, and nylons I own have an identical rip right above my left knee because I always get caught on this edge of a table nobody else gets caught on.  I’ve fallen down (and up) our stairs more times than I can count.  I trip over everything…and nothing.  Honest.
My mom, who really loves me, says that I could stand in the center of a round room and hit a corner. 

When our kid hits the floor during a basketball game, my husband always gives me the look that says, “That’s from you.”
When it starts to snow, he always gets out my strongest, best traction boots right away.  And I always end up slipping on the ice.  Every day.

You know that person that knocks over the pyramid of cans of corn at the grocery store?  Yeah, that’s me.

My mother in law gets a panicked look on her face when I touch her dishes.  And I can’t blame her.  I’ve taken out an entire saucer and cup display before.  Well, I did it three times. 
But the other day when I missed the bottom step, I sprained my ankle.  I had a diet coke (open) in one hand and my laptop in the other.  And I protected the laptop.  There’s something about being an author that instinctively had me clutching the laptop, even as my foot folded over into something unnatural. And when I hit the ground, yelping, I clutched that computer to me with both hands.

On the laptop was the next book in the Dark Protector series.  I hadn’t sent it to my editor yet.  In fact, I was on my way to do just that.  After a lifetime of falling, slipping, and tripping, I finally became injured.  From writing.

So when they tell you that writing is blood, sweat, and tears, there’s some truth to it.  As well as a whole bunch of spraying, spilled diet coke.  But you know what?  If I took that fall again, I’d protect that laptop.  J 

USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti's current series include the Maverick Montana cowboy series, the Dark Protector vampire series, and the Sin Brothers romantic-suspense series.  FATED, Book 1 in the Dark Protectors, is on sale for .99c for a short time.  Please visit Rebecca at: http://www.rebeccazanetti.com/


Beth Caudill said...

I had a nightmare the other night about a house burning. I sent my husband outside with the kids and I ran upstairs to get the kids shoes and the laptops.

Yeah, I have my priorities in order. Always save the laptop. ;)

Stacey Brutger said...

Great story!

I've tripped before while carrying the laptop. Thankfully, I caught my balance, but I sure clutched my computer tight until I could safely set it down. lol

Goedkope tablet covers said...

I had a nightmare the other night about a house burning. I sent my husband outside with the kids and I ran upstairs to get the kids shoes and the laptops.