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Saturday, February 16, 2013

PRO News at FF&P

Do you find yourself at a chapter meeting, conference or checking your email and recognizing names faces etc of people who were your peers but have made the jump to PAN? Do you feel envious, sad, depressed because that should be you?
Well, you are not alone. What can you do about it? Well, the short answer is get your butt on that seat, hands on that keyboard and write, write, write. Do you feel even more depressed now that obvious piece of advice is in front of you?
Well -you are still not alone. Reach out to your chapter, online group. Put yourself out there at a conference. Writing is a lonely business - we've all heard that. Writers can be introverted (well most are) Reach out - there are so many things that your chapter, other writers can, want and do provide.
And here’s one you can do right now--
Join the
Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal PRO group!
(Or become more active if you're already in!)
What is the PRO group, you may ask? It’s an online group for folks who have taken that first step to tell the world they are damn serious about their writing. They’ve shaken their fist in the air and said, “I am HERE!” They’ve completed a manuscript and have sent it forth to an agent or editor.
The PRO group is a place to join with like minded souls to support each other, share information, prod each other on. Hold each other accountable to continue being the best writers we can be.
Part of being successful is to put yourself out there - network, make friends with your colleagues. Set yourself a goal of sending one email a day to your online chapter group about something writing related, join in discussions, share information. Make suggestions like WIP tracking groups or chats.
The more you put in the more you get out. The PRO’s group, like all groups, is only as strong as it’s members.
Joining PRO, and more importantly, being ACTIVE in your FF&P PRO group will lead to:
Becoming more PRO-active
in your writing career.
You'll find your daily output of writing increasing as you do timed sprints and having the accountability of a goal group.
You'll find your writing improving doing critiques for your fellow FF&Pers in the Mudpuddle or PRO goal groups.
You'll find publishing contacts and opportunities by sharing information with your fellow PROsters and chapter mates.
You'll find you will be published that much quicker from joining in and then you won't have to stand up at a chapter meeting and feel the need to stand up and say - 'hi I'm ....... (insert name here) and I'm a PRO ho.'
Let us help!
Contact Sandra and Marie- FF& P Co_PRO's
through RWA at: pro@romance-ffp.com



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