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Friday, August 31, 2012

WORLD BUILDING by Raquel Rodriguez

Going some place new is always fun, especially when the surroundings are not what you see every day. The anticipation mounts, and the excitement fills you up so much that you can hardly wait to arrive at your destination and begin your new adventure.  Whether a city, small town, mountain range, or beach, architecturally interesting buildings, colorful landscapes, wide open or intimate spaces, scents, sounds, textures, anything that catches the attention can be exciting.  Like plotting and writing, building any world from scratch can be daunting but oh-so wonderful for the experience. 

What is a world – any world – without background (or back story)?  Stimulating surroundings and locale can help make or break a story and a reader’s attention.  Put your main characters into an environment then add little things here and there to make it more real-life.  Have them deliberately interact with their surroundings (does your hero have hay fever?) to add depth to the plot, emotion, and also can up the relationship tension.  Have them work hard for their goals, fail repeatedly (did your heroine overdraw her bank account by mistake?), dodge obstacles in their worlds and make choices because of those problems. 

Creating a setting that a reader can identify with is just as imperative to an engaging plot as the characters are.  Characters that face (or run away from) difficulties in scenes can add thrills and chills.  The reader becomes invested in those main characters and what they are going through and wants to know what will happen next. 

All writers want this continued attention from readers and hope they come back for more in the next book, and the next after that one (YAY!).  Like a favorite story (no matter the genre) a world populated with people who have real issues and complications to overcome in significance settings, on their way to getting what they want (like in any of the Harry Potter books), are more memorable than those who are set in environments that just get by with the basics. 

Building worlds may seem daunting, but creating interest is easy. Yet when done a little at a time, like putting together a puzzle or a pizza, all the elements, sights, sounds, textures, and even inert clues aiming toward the story goal can be very rewarding.  And that’s all it takes, just one step then another to create a wonderful world full of fascination your characters and the reader will enjoy. 

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More about the author:
Growing up with ghosts, native Texan and author Raquel Rodriguez is used to things that go "bump" 24/7. With a passion for Science Fiction, anything paranormal, Space Opera, and romance, she blends these elements into passionate stories with twists of action and suspense. Raquel has studied, taught and lectured about Parapsychology for over 25 years and loves to add touches of the unusual to her stories. Her personal motto is, "Never give up, never surrender!" from one of her favorite movies. When not teaching fitness or dance, Belly Dance, or plotting/ planning, or writing (where her cat, Merlin, usually supervises from her lap), she can be found at SciFi conventions, Renaissance Faires, performing, or experimenting with a new chocolate recipe. FMI, please visit www.RaquelRodriguez.com
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1 comment:

Nancy said...

What is more freeing than building a world from your own imagination? I can picture the kind of hunky alpha males would populate MY world. Thanks for the tips.