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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Agents/Editors: We Don't Bite...Much

Please welcome guest blogger Lynn Price

Hello and Welcome,

Okay, so the class is Agents/Editors: We Don't Bite...Much. If you are in the wrong classroom, consult with your counselor and she will direct you to Science 303 – Let’s Get Nuclear, or Math 201 – We Don’t Need No Frickin’ Long Division.

The idea over this two-week period is to discuss publishing from my side of the desk in order to give you an insider’s view as to how agents and editors work, why we make the decisions we do, and to finally put to rest - once and for all - that there really is a method to our madness.

My seminars are based on my book The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box – Getting a Hook on the Publishing Industry. I wrote this book in order to demystify the industry in order to help authors become more successful.  

This is a one-stop-shopping class that explains the why’s about publishing in a satisfactory manner so you aren’t scratching your head wondering if we aren’t all barking mad. In truth, some of us are…heck, lots of are…but that’s beside the point. I want you to ask LOTS of questions because it’s how everyone learns.  
There are no dumb questions, unless it’s from the beagle, and I’m used to dealing with her. For those of you who don’t know the beagle, she is my unreliable secretary who neither files, nor answers phones. Instead, she spreads out on the sunny spot on my desk and preens. But she makes fabulous margaritas and that’s why I must keep her around. She has offered a free pitcher during our two week time together, so I guess we may let her sit in and observe.

So that’s it. My plan is to put up a new seminar Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday that will deal with some aspect of what agents and editors are thinking and why. I look forward to “meeting” all of you and answering any and all questions you have.  

I also maintain a blog - http://behlerblog.com/ - where I talk about all things publish, get outraged at some of the sillier things happening in the industry, and generally attempt to prove that I have no heart or soul.

Lynn Price
Behler Publications

Agents and Editors: We Don't Bite...Much, presented by Lynn Price, runs from February 13, 2012 through February 26, 2012

Along with being the editorial director for Behler Publications, Lynn Price is the award-winning author of the novel, Donovan's Paradigm, and of the writing reference book, The Writer's Essential Tackle Box: Getting a Hook on the Publishing Industry. Debuting last year as part of the Get It Write series, this second work provides "an insider's view geared to inform and educate writers as to how we work, why we work, and the pitfalls to avoid." Since 2003, Behler Publications has been publishing best selling and critically acclaimed works chronicling personal journeys with socially relevant themes: stories that deal with how people are influenced and changed by their experiences and how they deal with those repercussions. The books invite introspection: "I'm a better/more thoughtful/ smarter person for having read this book." In addition to extensive speaking engagements at writer's conferences all over the country, Lynn also assumes a lighthearted and somewhat irreverent tone in addressing the many issues facing today's writers on the Behler Publications blog: http://behlerblog.com/

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