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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Make the Most of an Internet Radio Appearance

Please welcome guest blogger Danielle Monsch

You’ve agreed to make an appearance on an Internet Radio Show (aka Podcast.) Congratulations! Now what?

If your answer is smack your head against the wall and wonder what the hell you were thinking in agreeing to it, well, your answer is wrong. I’m here to give you the correct one.

Yes, I know you are an author. I know your natural state is to shun any that try to bring you away from your laptop. I know you’d rather a root canal than be standing in the spotlight, all attention focused on you.

But we must face facts. Marketing is falling onto your shoulders more and more. With indie publishing a force and one here to stay, the number of books available is growing exponentially. Unless your name is Nora Roberts, you need every bit of help you can get in promoting your stories.

I’m here to help you.

I’ve been running podcasts a long time. My first podcast I created to share my geekness over my favorite hobby. Podcasting started as a lark, but became something I am passionate about.

Now I host a podcast dedicated to the Romance Genre. Most of my shows are author interviews, so I’ve come to know what works and doesn’t work. I am now going to tell you how to pull this interview off, so both your host and those new fans will love you.
  1. Have a media kit and send it to the host – what is a media kit? Your media kit should have your author headshot(s), your book cover(s), links to all traces of your web presence (website, blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.) and links to where people can purchase your book(s). Don’t make the host of the show hunt these items down. Your host is a busy person, maybe an author like yourself (ahem), and they don’t want to waste their writing time searching for items you should have sent. The host needs these items to make you look good. They are going to research you a bit to make sure the interview is a good one, plus they are going to put all those wonderful links up on the show’s website. All of these things are very good for you, the author.
  1. Share something you are passionate about – Yes, you are there to sell a book. Everyone knows that, accepts that, and is good with that. That doesn’t mean sell, sell, sell is the only thing you do on the show. Readers want to hear you on the show because they want to connect with you in a different way outside of your stories. Whatever your passion is, share that. Do you like animals? Are you excited about a cause? Are you an uber-geek over a TV show? Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to share. Yes, the audience wants to hear about your stories, but they really want to get to know you.
  1. Ask what you can do for the Podcast – Not quite in the league of ask what you can do for your country, but still. The Podcast/Guest dynamic is one of true mutual benefit. They want you to look good, you want them to look good, because if that happens, both of you win. To that end, ask what the host needs from you. Does the host ask for guest blogs for the show’s website? Is there a giveaway or promotion you can do specifically for the show? Things of this nature ratchet up the excitement and make the show even better, which in turn makes you look even better. This is called win-win my friends.
Podcasts are fun. Repeat this as many times as you need so you start to believe it. Podcasts are fun. They are a way to make new fans and share with them what you love beyond all things except maybe your kids (and some days more than them) and that is your writing. Go into your Internet Radio show interview with an open mind and a good attitude and let the magic happen.

Danielle Monsch is a Romantic Geek Girl Writing in a Fantasy World. Her podcast Romantically Speaking can be found on iTunes. If you want to find Danielle on the web, her links are www.DanielleMonsch.com, www.twitter.com/DaniMonsch, and www.facebook.com/DanielleMonsch.

If you want to be a guest on Romantically Speaking email Dani at Dani@DanielleMonsch.com

Pleasure Satellite

Nevan’s life is nothing but duty and honor. The eldest son of a prestigious House, he has a life mapped out ahead of him, including mating a woman for whom he feels nothing but brotherly affection. But then one night he discovers a woman who makes his blood boil and his body hard.

Seena has known nothing but blood and pain in her life. A fighter for the BloodRing, she is nothing more than spectacle, her life and death meaningless except as entertainment for the masses. Then one night a male comes to her in secret with a bargain the likes of which she has never been confronted with. The ultimate fight, which will lead her either to freedom…or to his bed.

Nevan will allow nothing to stop him from possessing the human. On the Pleasure Satellite anything is permissible, and to the strongest goes everything.

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