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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get the Most Out of Writer's Conferences

Please welcome guest blogger Ann Roth

Luck can often mean simply taking advantage of a situation at the right moment. It is possible to make your luck by being always prepared.

Michael Korda, former editor-in chief of Simon & Schuster

A writers’ conference can change the direction of your career. If you’re serious about a writing career, you’ll probably attend at least one in your life.

Writers are by nature introverts in varying degrees. I happen to be an extroverted introvert. That means that around people, I act like your usual outgoing, enthusiastic extrovert. However, unlike a true extrovert who gains energy from interacting with others, I give away my energy. Put me in a convention center with a couple thousand people, and it’s a sure bet that by the end of the day, I’ll be exhausted and in need of alone time to recharge.

But that’s a whole other workshop.

Regardless whether we’re introverts, extroverted introverts, or true extroverts, it isn’t easy to put ourselves “out there”. Yet we all want to get the most out of our conference experience. Otherwise, why spend the time and hard-earned money to attend?

So here’s the sixty-four-billion dollar question: What’s the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck from any conference?

The answer is simple, but takes some preparation: Show up prepared.

This week-long workshop provides tools and tips to help you do just that.

You will learn:

How to prepare before the conference

What to do during the conference

Steps to take after the conference

Please join me from February 28-March 6. Stop by Get the Most Out of Writer's Conferences and sign up today. You don’t want to miss this class!

About me: I’m Ann Roth, and to date I have published 15 romance and women’s fiction novels, plus a bunch of short stories for True magazines.

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