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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Legend of the White Wolf Is Out!

Please welcome guest blogger Terry Spear

We don’t get to choose release dates for our books, but this one was perfect—a wintry wonderland in Maine, just in time for the winter weather in the northern states to get everyone in the right mood. I have to say that when I wrote this story, it was cold in Texas. And when I did revisions, it was cold again. Some might ask how I can write a story set in a snow-filled setting when I live in hot, hot Texas. But I’ve lived in cold wintry places before—Madison, Wisconsin, skied in Colorado, lived there too, skied in Killington, Vermont, the coldest place I felt I’d ever been as I rode in a gondola to the top of the slope, freezing to death all the way, skied in Pennsylvania and New York. And I lived in other places where we had major snowstorms—Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, and even Oklahoma. And even in Texas, it was sixteen degrees the other day, although a flurry of snow is our claim to a snowstorm of “blizzard” proportions!

There’s something about the pristine snow-filled landscape that can be deadly also, that lends well to a story of mystery and mischief and murder. Yet what better way is there to get warm than to start a fire and snuggle up with a hot-blooded male, of the werewolf variety?

For this fourth book in the series, I wanted to include Arctic wolves. With this pack, the situation is different, once again. They live amongst humans, flaunting their wolf coats at will, but serving as companion wolf pets. So it was fun creating a new scenario for this latest release.

The story starts out with a couple of PI partners on a bear hunt in Maine. Their guide uses Arctic wolves to help track the bear. Did you know that dogs are used to hunt like that? But when one of the men has a medical emergency, the partners soon learn not all wolves are the same.

Being stuck in a cabin during a snowstorm might make some claustrophobic. But with the right hunk of a guy, the isolation can be downright romantic and appealing! However, what if that guy isn’t quite what he seems?

So if you love the paranormal, mystery, adventure, and romance, and you want to try out a werewolf or two…check out Legend of the White Wolf where Arctic wolves rule! And check my terry-spear blog where I’ll be posting links to free book give-aways for the next 5 weeks!

Terry Spear




Terry Spear has published in many genres, including romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, and under the name Terry Lee Wilde, young adult paranormal and fantasy romances. She's the author of Winning The Highlander's Heart, The Accidental Highland Hero (Vintage), The Vampire...In My Dreams, Deadly Liaisons (Samhain), Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, To Tempt the Wolf, Legend of the White Wolf, Seduced by the Wolf, Wolf Fever, Taming the Highland Wolf, Dreaming of the Wolf (Sourcebooks), Deidre's Secret, Relative Danger (Wild Rose Press). She also writes nonfiction for numerous genealogy, WWII, teen, and family magazines, and has had romantic fiction published in magazines.


Rashda Khan said...

Congratulations Terry!

Rashda :)

Terry Spear said...

I didn't realize I was up! Hope everyone had a happy paranormal hump day! :)

Terry Spear said...

Rashda, thanks so much, lady! It's thrilling to have the 4th book out!!

Beth Caudill said...

A winter story definitely goes with my weather. Kids are home today on their third snow day. Fortunately they go back to school tomorrow and I can go shopping for books.

Terry Spear said...

Hey, Beth, you poor thing! Hopefully it will let up and you can shoo your kids back to school! :) We just had lots of rain and cold weather. Which meant we were stuck going to work. LOL

diva donna said...

I enjoyed the snowy theme of this story. It fit well with my weather for 5 months of the year. And having hot wolfish hunk to curl up with and throw in murder, mayham, mischief and mushing and then a good HEA. It just warmed the Cockles of my heart.

Mary Marvella said...

Terry, your blogs keep getting better just like your books do! Go girl!

Sheila Deeth said...

So cool to know it's out. Raining and miserable here, but knowing your book's out there is cheering me up.

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Donna! I love your added: mushing! :) I need to include that! :) Glad you loved the book!

Thanks, Mary Marvella! Trying to come up with something new and different for several blogs a week while on blog tour is a challenge! :) But it's fun too!

Thanks, Sheila! It's cold and rainy here too! But now that I've finished the final, final edits on The Accidental Highland Hero, and I get done with work, I'm off and Taming the Highland Wolf! :) Oh at least I think I'm going to!

Lisa Kessler said...

Congratulations on the new release Terry!!!

Sounds like a great winter read!!!

Lisa :)

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! Yes, think hot tubs, hot fires, hot guys, and wolves...hmm, warms up the winter right away!