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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Publishing Making You Crazy? by; Jory Strong

2009. Did anyone see where it went? Seems like one minute we were ushering it in and the next it was gone. Over the last month I’ve been on a mission to clear out the stacks and stacks of magazines in my office. We’re talking years of Romantic Times and the RWR from RWA, on top of all the horse-related ones.

It’s amazing all the good stuff contained in those magazines! No wonder I put them aside to read one day, it just took a while for that day to arrive. But it did, and just in time for 2010.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I am a fan of reflection at this time of year, and of assessing where I am with my writing. In 2009 my 30th story with Ellora’s Cave was published and the first two books in my post-Apocalyptic urban fantasy romance series with Berkley hit the shelves. But looking back on it, it seems like I spent too much time on an emotional roller-coaster and not enough of it enjoying the ride.

There’s a Zennish saying to the effect that when the student is ready, the teacher will show up. Among the stacks of magazines, I encountered Why Publishing is Making You Crazy—and What You Can Do About It: The Tao of Publishing by Steven Axelrod and Julie Anne Long. It was in the December 2008 RWR.

I won’t attempt to summarize the article, I could never do justice to it. But I hope you’ll check it out. Give yourself the gift of sanity It’s a great way to start 2010!

Jory Strong has been writing since childhood and has never outgrown being a daydreamer. She has won numerous awards for her writing. When she's not hunched over her computer, lost in the muse and conjuring up new heroes and heroines, she can usually be found reading, riding her horses, or hiking with her dogs.

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