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Monday, June 8, 2009

New Releases to Look For

Call it forgetful Monday. There are no new releases this week, but we do have one that has been available since June 1st to share with you.

In Over Her Head
Sourcebooks, Inc.
June 1, 2009
ISBN#: 9781402220012

To spend her life with him, she'll have to face her greatest fear...

Erica Peck thought she'd never have to go into the water again. After all, there's plenty to do running her family's marina from shore without having to dive in herself. But then her unstable ex-fiance shows up with a gun and demands her help in finding a bag of rare jewels she accidentally tossed into the ocean.

Unable to find them, bleeding from a grazing gunshot wound and running out of oxygen fast, she has no choice but to give herself up to the mercy of the sea. Rescued from the water and the sharks by a gorgeous merman named Reel, Erica quickly finds herself falling head over fins in love with him. And when Reel risks his life to save hers, she discovers that she doesn't want to live without him, no matter the consequences. But can they ever find a way to be together when she still can't stand the water and he can't survive on land?

Also, I'm running a contest to raffle off 3 romantic beach getaways on my website. Two at the Atlantis Inn (http://www.atlantisinn.com/) in Ocean City, NJ and one at the Hibiscus House (http://www.hibiscushouse.com/) in West Palm Beach, FL to celebrate the release of each of my Mer novels. All information is on my website http://www.judifennell.com/

1 comment:

Judi Fennell said...

Thanks so much for listing In Over Her Head's release!