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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet FF&P's Margaret L. Carter

Margaret L. Carter answers questions from the FF&P Zone:

What novel has inspired you the most as a writer?

DRACULA. It inspired me to start writing (because I wanted stories from the vampire’s point of view and had trouble finding any) and also to start reading horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Thus DRACULA indirectly led to my majoring in English and even caused me to meet and fall in love with my future husband (because we were both aspiring writers of speculative fiction).

If you could be any character in a novel, who would it be?
Madelaine in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain series (after she becomes an independent, self-educated vampire, not at the time of the harrowing experiences in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA).

If you could be any cartoon character?
Yomiko Readman in the anime and manga series READ OR DIE.

What is your favorite word?
Today it’s “opalescent.”

Who is your favorite character from your own work?
Dr. Roger Darvell, the human-vampire hybrid hero of DARK CHANGELING and CHILD OF TWILIGHT.

If you were going to be dropped on a deserted space colony, what three things would you take?
Assuming it’s literally a deserted colony (not an empty planet), so that all the necessities of life had been left behind, I’d take a fully loaded e-book reader, a fully-loaded music-playing device, and a cat.

Wolf, vampire, or demon?
To read about: Vampire. To be: Werewolf, the kind that can change at will, although actually I’d rather be a were-cat.

Any last words?
Nocturnal predators need love, too!

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